By TK Bethea

Emily Mullen





Family is a powerful bond, but one that goes beyond our genetics. THE ADVENTURES OF DOC HOLLIDAY HENNINGS—now available on—was inspired by single father and author, TK Bethea, and his search for a relatable story for his daughter. Aided by the lively illustrations of veteran Corey Wolfe (Disney, Hanna Barbera, Penguin Books, et al), the images are reminiscent of Disney’s golden era.

Doc Holliday is an energetic pup in a cowboy hat that runs away on a mission to find his biological canine family, with the aid of his surly squirrel friend. In the streets and further away from home than ever, they encounter a world of trouble as his human family attempts to reunite and bring him home.

Based off experiences of TK’s own childhood dog, the story’s underlying themes include adoptive/blended families, mixed cultural upbringings, running away, and bullying through fun stories, characters, and situations.

THE ADVENTURES OF DOC HOLLIDAY HENNINGS is a story that flows like an artist painting on a canvas, written in the style of a nonconventional storyteller with a heavy background in music, songwriting, and storytelling.

TK Bethea is a songwriter and storyteller who began writing to share exciting stories with his daughter. Inspired by memories of his childhood dog, also called Doc Holliday, he created a tale that addresses issues such as blended families, stepparents, half siblings, mixed cultural upbringings and bullying. He currently lives in Queens, New York. For more information, visit the author’s website at:


ePub $7.99
ISBN: 9781483472720
Paperback $19.50 (120 Pages)
ISBN: 9781483472713
On-sale: September 26, 2017


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