“Oh, hello. Hi! How ya doing? I’ll make this fast ‘fore cats come past and get the shooing. You see me moving, you see me still. Observe my movements, if you will, and see a sight. A sight to see. A sight you’ll see which is me. New to you but old to me, yet not as old, as old can be. So, see my eyes and see my snout and see you will, I am a mouse. Not rat, not bat or types of things for I am clean and have no wings. See rats reveal, they tattle tell. When I reveal, I tell a tale. Not tattle tell or tell tall tales, see all the tales I tell are real. They’ll curl your tail, if you have a tail…but I regress curtail your stress, if you’re able, and listen now to this fable.”

The mouse slips under the crack of a door just as two cats approach shoulder to shoulder like sentry guards on their rounds. On the other side of the door she enters a backstage dressing room and makes herself at home. Standing on a vanity she puts actor’s powder on her cheeks and recites to her reflection.

“Find these facts, a fate not fiction. A farce for fools that can’t be written. A view so true, a vision so bright it would cause envy to northern lights. Some time back, not too long ago, began a story that must be told. That you must know, so here we go.”

The mouse turned her attention from the actor’s powder to lipstick on the opposite side of the vanity.

“There was a house that had a yard and around this yard there was a gate. Within this gate a sign said sale, ‘dogs for sale’, on a crate. Within this crate, a bunch of pups. Some Chihuahua, some bull, some were pug. One by one off they go, one by one they found a home. That was until four remained. A bulldog, a Chihuahua and two more the same. Four dogs from which to choose then approached a savior from…”

“Syracuse?!” Asked the seller referring to the bright orange sweater with the word emblazoned across the chest.

“Syracuse. My soon to be alma mater.” The college student stated, using her thumbs to show off her sweater. “I’ll be graduating with a degree in English. You know ‘to sleep perchance to dream’ and whatnot.” She quoted.

“Graduate, huh?” The seller observed. “That’s a delicate time you know. Been feeling lonely at all?” He inquired.

The young scholar played with the pups and reflected. “Hmmm…maybe just a little.”

The seller watched the student’s smile light up the street and let her know, “It looks like you found what you need.”

“But they’re all so cute.” The student said through her smiles. “How would I know which one to choose.”

The two looked into the crate and began to survey the litter. As they watched the new born pups’ interactions with each other they observed something peculiar. The bulldogs rarely crossed paths or associated with each other and the Chihuahuas didn’t cross paths at all. Which seemed nearly impossible in such a small environment. It was almost as if they were subconsciously avoiding one another.

The soon to be graduate reached her hand into the crate and pulled out one of the bulldogs by the torso but as the bulldog emerged, grasped tightly in its mouth was the tail of one of the Chihuahuas. As the Syracusan again observed the two pups as they hung, the seller gave his perception of the situation and jested.

“Are you sure that’s the one you want? He appears to be bit of a bully.”

“It also appears that he doesn’t want to leave his little friend.” The student said and further humored, “Besides, it doesn’t look like he minds at all.” She said referring to the lack of reaction from the Chihuahua.

After a short laugh, the seller agreed. “Well it would seem not. He’s taking it rather nonchalantly. Without a care in the world. He’s very…”

“Chill about it.” The collegiate finished. “Looks like they’re a pair. Guess I’ll have to take both. She shrugged grasping both pups to her bosom.

” Are you sure?” The seller asked, looking for confirmation. “TWO pups?” You have to make sure their personalities match. Maybe you should… “

“I’m sure.” She stated decisively ending the suggestion. “This one may be a bully.” She said referring to the bulldog before turning her attention to the Chihuahua. “But this one should be able to chill him out. A bit of balance. My little Bully and Chilly, Chilly and Bully.” she boasted.

The seller kneeled to the crate and looked at the remnants of the litter. He watched as the bulldog continuously rammed into the side of the crate head first as the Chihuahua sassed around a gave a bothered snarl and growl, every so often.

“Looks like there’s still a bull left.” He said in description of the bulldog’s movement. “I’ll tell you what.” He said turning his attention to the student and her pups. “If you keep the two of THEM together. I’ll keep these two together. A Bullie and chili pepper of my own.” Said the merchant, lifting the two remaining pups. A moment passed by before a correction was made. “No, Chile. Because you’re extra spicy and got attitude. Ain’t that right?” The seller rhetorical asked the Chihuahua slightly bouncing him.

The mouse, now in full clown attire- white powdered face with black lines under the eyes and lips overly painted in the shape of a frown- did a handstand in front of a mirror and proclaimed.

“So what once was a frown, turns upside down into a smile. She came, she saw, she dared to choose. So left the lady of Syracuse. Two pairs of pups picked, split in twos. Neither to be viewed or introduced or even cross paths…until they do and WHEN they do…they get confused.


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