Escorted by Bully of Syracuse, Chile arrived at a decadent dog house with two floors and a private entrance. As the Chihuahua assessed the domicile he was accosted without warning. A female Chihuahua pounced on Chile and flurried him with kisses.

“Chilly, mi amor!” She screamed unleashing yet another flood of kisses.

Chile put up a short resistance before he could dislodge the female, pushing her away. “YUCK!!!” He said in disgust, wiping his face and mouth furiously. “I get that I’m irresistible but control yourself, lady.”

The female jumped back in disbelief. “But haven’t you missed me, my Chilly wheelie?!”

Not one to bite his tongue or filter his words, Chile answered as honestly as he could.

“Missed you? Lady, I didn’t even know you existed. Now keep those smooches away from me!”

The female Chihuahua gasped and neared heartbreak before Bully chimed in. “Take no offense malady. I feel he has not been right since our arrival.” He explained. “Out of my sights for just a few moments and he seems a different person.” He whispered to Jewel, as they looked over at Chile, as he jumped around from frustration of being kissed.

“My poor Chilly.” She worried as she clasped her hands together. “Come!” She suggested to Chile. Let’s get some food in you and see where we are.”

With the female Chihuahua speaking the route to win his affection, Chile agreed. “Alright,” he said to the female Chihuahua “But no funny business.” He warned her as she turned to lead the way.

“No promises,” she shouted “you’re so darn cute.”

Before following, Chile turned to Bully in worry of the heist committed earlier by himself and Bullie -gave instructions. “Don’t let ANYONE in here, he commanded. I don’t care if they put a Chile mask on and say it’s me. We can’t risk it, got it?”

The bulldog barked in obedience and stood guard like a sentinel, while Chile left to join Jewel for dinner. Bully – loyal, stood fixed in front of the door like a statue. Only mere moments went by since Chile entered to dine with the amorous Jewel when his familiar face reappeared on the opposite side of the threshold.

“Bully!” Chilly greeted his companion. “Where’s the jewel you spoke of?” He asked.

“She’s inside.” Bully replied without any expression of emotion or acknowledgement of Chilly’s presence.

“Don’t be daft, good sir! Where’s the jewel you promised me?” The Chihuahua asked.

“Gift.” Bully stated.

“What?” Chilly questioned.

“Gift. I pledged to get a gift for you to give to Jewel.” The bulldog corrected.

Chilly huffed in frustration. “Whatever, Bully! I must go apologize to my Jewels for being late. Step aside.”

“Unacceptable.” The bulldog responded refusing to move.

“What?!” Chilly gasped. “What in the world do you mean unacceptable? ”

“I mean I cannot find your request satisfactory and I am unable to allow -” bully explained before being interrupted.

“I know what unacceptable means!!” Chilly shouted with his once prim appearance chipping away with the hair on his head frazzled. “I mean why do you refuse?”

“I have instructions.” The bulldog responded.

“Instructions? From whom?” Chilly asked demanding an answer.

Bully: From you.

Chilly: Who?

Bully: The owl?

Chilly: An owl told you?

Bully: No not Who, the owl. You, the Chilly.

“ME?!?” The Chihuahua exclaimed. “Nonsense. Why would I tell you to keep me out of my own dinner?”

“Mine is to not ask why, good sir.” Bully defended. “So…off you go.” The bulldog gripped the Chihuahua and tossed him away from the entrance like a reject from a party.

Chilly bounced down the road and in a baffled state of what just happened, came across the path of a mastiff and henchmen.

“I want my jewel, Chile!” Said the mastiff.

“I want my Jewel, as well.” The Chihuahua admitted holding his head. “But alas, I fear she does not want to see me.”

“Sad.” The mastiff stated with demeaning sarcasm before ordering. “Seize him!” Causing the henchmen to take the Chihuahua in custody.

Inside Jewel’s grandiose dwelling, Chilly sat with excitement waiting to feast. “Mm-mmm,” he moaned rubbing his stomach in anticipation. “I wonder what deliciousness awaits. Steak, lobster?” He imagined as he salivated, until his question was answered by the plate that was now set before him. “Spaghetti?”

“What’s wrong?” Jewel asked. “Si, spaghetti. It’s your favorite, no?”

“Yeah, I SEE the spaghetti and no, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite.” The Chihuahua answered with the best of his comprehension. “It’s more of a Bullie thing.”

Shocked, Jewel remained silent momentarily before Chile conceded. “But food’s food. Let’s chow down.”

Jewel clapped ecstatically. “Let’s eat!”

“You ain’t gotta twist my arm girlie, step aside.” Chile said advancing to the large platter of pasta drowned in red sauce.

“Not so fast.” The hostess said impeding the ravenous dog’s path. She puckered her lips and enticed, “You have to pay the toll.”

Chile’s face twisted in repulse as he stared at the female Chihuahua’s lip smooching the air. He looked at the spaghetti to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. He repeated this motion giving it deep thought. Lips…spaghetti. Lips…noodles. Lips…sauce. A kiss or –

“Nope.” The Chihuahua decided shaking his head as he ran past Jewel, out the door and ultimately bypassed Bully standing guard.

“Don’t shun me!” The female Chihuahua yelled before she ordered the bulldog, “Bring him back, Bully!”

The bulldog gave chase momentarily losing sight of the Chihuahua but came across Chilly in the company of the mastiff and henchmen.

“There’s the other one!” Said one of the lackeys, calling attention to Bully.

“Bully boy.” Chilly said with enthusiasm happy to see his friend, “Please tell these gentlefolk that I could not possibly have done what they say.”

“Well if the say you’ve run from dinner,” The bulldog started, “I will tell no lies.”

“What’s the meaning of these antics, Bully?” Chilly inquired. “It was you who turned me away.”

“Enough!” The mastiff barked, turning to Bully to explain. “If I don’t get what belongs to me, you’re going to be picking up pieces of Chihuahua for the rest of the week…and by the time you’ve finished, it’ll be your turn.” Said the mastiff taking great care to annunciate through the growls of the warning.

“Go get the jewel you hid or gift you got, the jewel for Jewel or prize you shopped!” Chilly panicked as he was being dragged away.

Bully gave a slight chuckle, “Sir, you made a lyric and didn’t even hear it.” The bulldog observed.

“Very funny. Now get want they want and grant me absolution!” Chilly said as his voice faded into the distance.

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